Benefits of calls meets the convenience of texts

Disappearing voice chat so conversations are how they are in real life.

The New Way To Communicate With Your Friends

"While many think the next wave is video, we’re pretty excited about voice being the new platform, and Clubhouse has shown we’re not alone. Phone calls are great, but they’re synchronous. Interestingly, voice memos have taken off in every nation except America as the new way of calling. Rant is poised to bring that brilliance to the New World by making it ephemeral and frictionless, like Snapchat did to photos." - Pioneer

Voices Only

Communicating with voice chats provides a much easier and faster way to communicate your true feelings

More Personal Talks

Your friends and family deserve to hear your beautiful voice!

Self Destructing Messages

Rant lets you rant about anything you want with no worries. Because you can take a screenshots with snaps, not voice.

"Personally, I'd love to leave more silly voicemails and audio messages for friends and family."

Tristan Pollock

Venture Partner @ 500 Startups

Voice As The Primary Medium

Instead of traditional texts, voice chats are a much faster and direct way to communicate your actual feelings.

More Personal Talks

Texts are impersonal. Your friends and family deserve to hear your beautiful voice!

Self-Destructing Messages

We have moved away from permanency (Facebook) to ephemerality (Snapchat). Self destructing voice notes are the future of communication for Gen Z.

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